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4 Things to sell prior to listing your home

4 Things to sell prior to listing your home featured image


When you start the process of selling your home, there may seem like there’s an enormous amount of things that need
to get done. However, by selling old and unused items, you can save time on packing things away and make some extra
money in the meantime.




Moving large items in general it’s typically no light work, let alone furniture that may be older, and not in
pristine condition. Selling older furniture gives you the chance to make room for newer items that may better fit
the aesthetic of your new space after you sell your old home.


Exercise equipment


Do you have an old treadmill or dumbbells that are no longer being put to use? These items can be heavy and take up a
great deal of space. A treadmill alone can range from 60 to 250 pounds on average – making it not the most ideal
item to move and travel with.


By selling these underused items you can make some extra cash, save time and the hassle of packing them up and


Extra linens


One or two linens on their own don’t take up too much space, but over the years as you purchase more for those in
your household, guests and different rooms many can amount over time.


If you would like to get rid of any extra linens to decrease the amount of stuff you’ll need to move, consider
selling your old linens online. If they are vintage, you may find that they’ll sell for even more cash.


Old toys


If you have kids or pets such as dogs and cats, no doubt toys can accumulate quickly throughout the years. A stuffed
elephant here, a robo car there and before you know it there can be multiple bins worth of toys.


You may find there are toys your kids no longer use or are interested in, meaning it may be time to let these items
go. You can sell them or donate them to local charities who will redistribute the toys to kids within the


By taking the time to comb through old pieces of furniture, toys, linens and other items – you can sort out high
priority items and things no longer of value to simplify one step in the home selling process.