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Things to consider before you list your home

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Putting your home up for sale on the market can be challenging. The market can move quickly and there are many steps
to get to the finish line of selling your property. One of the first steps to consider is your home’s outward


Curb appeal


Before listing your home on the market with photos and a description of the property, it’s a great idea to consider
its curb appeal. Curb appeal is the outward attractiveness of a property.  Increasing the curb appeal of your
home can include manicuring the lawn, planting flowers and repairing the driveway if needed.


It’s estimated, properties with excellent curb appeal are perceived to be around 5 to 11 percent more valuable by
potential homebuyers. This in turn can also help to get a property sold off the market quicker.


Does your property have enough equity?


Equity is the portion of the home which completely belongs to you. For example, if you’ve paid off 50 percent of the
property, you would hold 50 percent of the home’s equity.


It’s preferable to have enough equity in a home to cover the basic cost of selling the property, moving fees and
more. It’s estimated the average homeowner needs to be in a property for at least 5 years before enough equity is
built up to sell.


Have you done research on a reputable real estate agent?


Having an exceptional real estate agent by your side is essential for a smooth home selling process. Your agent can
help you to pinpoint the best marketing strategies to sell your home quickly in your area.


They can also give a professional opinion on areas of your home needing fixing to make the space more appealing to
potential homebuyers.


Overall, before you list your property on the market, it’s important to do research to have all the necessary tools
for a successful home sale.