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Beautiful houseplants to consider for different rooms in your home

Beautiful houseplants to consider for different rooms in your home featured image

Houseplants are a wonderful way to make your home feel more comfortable and colorful.

Along with beautifying your room, they can also offer many other benefits sure to delight your household. However, it’s best to do research ahead of time to see which plant fits best in each location of your home before making a purchase.


The bedroom is seen by many as a place of rest and relaxation, so having plants in this room that amplify these qualities can be beneficial. For this reason, lavender is a wonderful plant to keep in your bedroom as it gives off a calming scent, perfect for your cozy sleeping space.

Lavender is also relatively low-maintenance, just be sure to water sparsely during the winter and only when the soil has dried out to avoid root rot.

Lavender can also work well in other rooms, such as on a kitchen windowsill, where it can be used for cooking or making tea.


The bathroom tends to be humid with a limited amount of space, so a low maintenance plant such as a single aloe vera plant near a light source can be a great accent. It’s best to place this plant near a window for a nice dose of sunlight, and it should be watered when the soil feels a bit dry.

Aloe can be used topically to promote skin health and can even be used to treat ailments such as sunburns.

Living room

Since the living room space tends to be a bit larger than other rooms in the house, you may want to add a few larger plants.

A Norfolk Island Pine looks like a miniature pine tree and can grow several feet high indoors. This is a great choice for homeowners in colder climates who would like to stay on theme with the geographic region they live in.

Yucca and Palm, are perfect for homes in warmer climates. They can grow several feet high and fill up space in a large living room with ease.

There’s a wide variety of plants suitable for diverse living spaces. Consider doing research on plants you’re interested in, and check out your local gardening store for more information.