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4 Mistakes to avoid when listing your home

Mistakes to avoid when listing your home featured image


One essential part of the home selling process is how you advertise your property. Having quality photos can make or
break the first perception potential homebuyers have of your property, so avoiding a few rookie mistakes can help
you maintain the quality of your listing photos.


Not taking enough photos


In the age of digital photography, you can never take too many pictures. Try to experiment with different lighting,
angles and setups, and don’t shy away from taking as many photos as necessary to get the perfect shots, showcasing
your beautiful property.


Avoid close-ups


Your home should be spotlessly clean and tidy when taking photos; however, you don’t have to get a shot of every
small nook and cranny. Instead, consider taking wide shots, which can help your home appear spacious and more


Be mindful of mirror reflections & other distractions


Even the best shot in the world can be ruined when unplanned objects or reflections of shadows appear of the
photographer. These things can distract your audience from the focus of the photo, your home. Plan your angles so
you don’t get any flashes, glare or reflections in your photographs.


It’s best to take your pets out of the room or area before you start shooting photos. Remember, potential home buyers
may not love your cat or dog in the same way you do.


Not using time of day to your advantage


The different (or lack) of lighting your home receives throughout the day can make or break your photos. Consider
taking photos of your home at midday, when there are the least number of shadows present.


Then, take some photos at golden hour (just before the sun sets) to capture warmer tones. Finally, right after dusk,
turn the lights on inside your home and take some shots from outside to give the illusion of a warm, cozy place
where the light are always on.


By being dynamic, creative and open to different perspectives, your listing photos can pop wonderfully and showcase
your home with style.