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4 Tips & tricks to prevent plumbing problems

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Plumbing issues can occur suddenly sometimes and the result can be hundreds and even thousands of dollars worth of damage. Luckily, there are a few simple steps you can take to maintain the upkeep of your plumbing system and reduce the chances of repairs needing to be made.

Keep toilets & drains clear

Clogged toilets and drains are a very common issue found in the home. When a clog isn’t dealt with, bigger issues such as leaks and displaced waste can become apparent. To prevent clogged toilets, refrain from flushing any items outside of toilet paper. Even items such as “flushable” wipes have a hard time breaking down and can lead to clogs over time.

To prevent clogs in your sink or tub drains, remove hair, and other items to avoid them from being lodged. Taking the extra initiative can save you plenty of time, money and remove stress down the line.

Prevent pipe & faucet leaks

Even a small leak can cause severe damage when left without repair. While faucets can develop leaks as they wear down with time, simply being careful with turning the faucet on and off can make a world of difference.

While pipe leaks may not be avoided completely, regularly checking for leaks can help you compare the issue from the start. If you have a pipe leak, consider consulting a plumber about repairs as soon as possible to prevent significant damage.

Avoid running toilets

A constantly running toilet may indicate internal issues with the structure and should be addressed as soon as possible. Checking your toilet mechanism on a regular basis or testing for leaks using food coloring in the tank can help you catch issues early on.

Inspect your water heater

Issues with your water heater may range from having no hot water to water that isn’t getting hot enough for showers and other household uses. Water heaters can develop problems over time due to deterioration, a mineral buildup or other problems. Inspecting the pressure valve, flushing the tank periodically and doing other maintenance checks can help lower the risk of problems arising.

Using the aforementioned tips, you can maintain the features of your home and prevent serious damage.